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One of the riskiest things in today's digital world is to maintain the secrecy of one's privacy. We at Apparelinclick work with transparency while prioritizing the privacy of each of our customer. We have a pool of data in our systems that maintain a high standard of secrecy.

In case of any further query regarding your personal privacy, you may contact us any time on our given toll-free number as well by writing to us at our email.

Information We May Require

We require the basic information which includes your correct First & Last name, email address along with a password to create your account. This information is required to allow you to have an access to your own account, where you can track your details of orders and shipment. It will also help us process your transaction and will not be sold and shared at any cost to any other party without your written approval and agreement.


Cookies are the tools, which help us fetching your preferences when it comes shopping carts to remember and deliver as per your choices.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

In Compliance with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), we don't gather any information from anyone below the age of 13 years. We deal with the customers, who are above or equal to the age of 13 Years.

Mutual Consent:

By logging on to our website, you hereby agree with our terms and conditions along with the privacy policy.

For any further assistance with regards to our privacy policy, get in touch with us by writing an email at csr@apparelinclick.com or call us at: +1 -877-707-2345.