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How to contact Apparelinclick?

You can always contact us at our Toll-Free Number i.e. +1-877-707-2345. You can mail AS well AT csr@apparelinclick.com

Ordering Information

How to place an order?

It’s very easy to order at Apparelinclick:

  • You just have to choose the item with correct measurement and color and click to “Add to Cart” button at the product selection page.
  • All the selected items will then appear on your shopping cart page, which will give you an option to change the selection and quantity of any item you have chosen.
  • From the same Shopping Cart Page, you can now process checkout purchasing the existing items or move further to continue shopping.
  • Once you are done with shopping, you may click on to "View Cart" or "Checkout" button to review your bucket of selections. If you ready to finish shopping, proceed with the "Checkout" button to complete purchasing.

Can I order by e-mail?

With our most convenient method of ordering online, you can purchase anything from our stock. However, understanding your concerns of availability and ordering via email, you can book your order at .csr@apparelinclick.com

How do I track my order?

Except for the special orders, all the customers will receive an email along with shipping details with an access to track your order. You may log on to Order Status to get to know if the item is shipped and where it’s been reached.

What forms of payment does Apparelinclick accept?

Apparelinclick accepts all kind of methods of payment whether it's Master/ Visa/ Discover/ American Express Card or even PayPal for online purchase. If you wish to opt-in for an order via Fax, Email or Customer Care we accept all the above-mentioned cards as well as check and money order.

To process with a debit card we may require a Pre- Authorization Form duly filled and signed from your bank. This Pre- Authorization is actually a confirmation of the payment which we will hold against your order to be shipped. Sometimes confusion occurs with a pre-authorization and charges itself as it reflects twice depending on the banks you deal with, in your bank statement. However, this pre-authorization will be charged only if you agreed to do so, or in other ways, it will be then released once the item is shipped to you and you paid against the charge occurred and will take few days to reflect only one amount being charged from your bank account.

We will charge only for the item being purchased from our stock, the shipping & handling cost occurred. In case of any backordered items, we may charge only upon delivery. We assure you that there will be no any hidden charges or any additional cost for any backordered items.

Does Apparelinclick charge sales tax?

At Apparelinclick, we charge our customer the amount of shipping and handling only. However, in case of any specific territorial requirement of tax, it may be levied in compliance with the concerned legislative authority and will be updated to the customer prior to shipping via email.

What if an item is not in stock?

At sometimes, we receive a bulk of orders together which exceeds the limit of our stock. In this matter, when you will try to book your order you will receive a pop-up message about the availability of that specific item at add to cart option. Furthermore, if you have already booked an item which is not anymore available in our stock; we will update you via email along with other options similar to what you ordered.

In the case of backordered items, we will bear any extra charges occurred. In order to get notified with all our email, you must add Apparelinclick to your address book.

How can I cancel or change my order?

In case of changing your mind in canceling an order or any modification, you can always mail us at .csr@apparelinclick.com or call us at .+1-877-707-2345 in business hours at earliest to process your request.

With one of the best logistic teams, we process all the items with the fastest delivery that may not allow us to accept any change or cancellation until it is processed. We apologize for the inconvenience occurred. In order to serve you better please log on to our return policy for further clearance.

How do I order the correct size?

In order to select the correct size of measurement, always refer to the size chart displayed in the product description in the product page you are viewing.

What if Apparelinclick is unable to accept my order?

Let us brief you that at times Apparelinclick may not be able to accept your bookings or may cancel some of your orders. It is due to the limitations we get via a number of our products, defects being found in products or any other major errors identified by our credit and risk department. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right of refusal of any order for any of the given reasons. Furthermore while maintaining the decorum of trust with our valuable customers, we will then contact you from our end in case if you have already processed the payment but your order is canceled. We will reimburse the paid amount through your payment method, with an option of choosing what's existing at our stock.

Is shopping at Apparelinclick secure?

We care about our customers; in return, we ensure the security when you order anything at Apparelinclick. We handle all online transactions with approved technology partners such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which encrypts all the sensitive information prior to any web involvement.


How do I place an order for a group

You may contact us at our Toll-Free number .+1-877-707-2345 in our business hours i.e. 0900 hrs to 2100 hrs (Monday to Friday) as per Eastern Time.

What if I am unable to call during Customer Service hours?

Don’t Worry!! Just log on to our .Contact Form and we will revert back to you at our earliest.

Do I have to place an order by phone?

We assist our customers with our most efficient and friendly customers support representatives. Our dedicated employees can assist you in your group orders via phone, as well as via email.

What information do I need to have ready when I talk with Customer Service?

It’s too easy to talk to us. You do not have to be prepared with pen and paper while collecting any additional information, as we will direct you to one of our professional customer care representative who will guide you through purchase to delivery process and will assist you in all your queries.

How do I use a promo or coupon code?

You can always use the given promo codes while applying to any specified discounted items. You may fill up the "Promo Code" blank with specified code while updating the information and then check out.

Are there discounts for group orders?

We always bring some discounts, which you can avail against specified qualifying orders. However, you must check your account as well your emails you receive from us time to time if any special discounts are altered for specified group orders; which you may directly avail by contacting us any time.

Does Apparelinclick’s Return Policy apply to group orders?

Yes, it does.


How will my order be shipped?

We deliver all of our products via one of the best shipping companies such as UPS & USPS etc.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping Cost varies depending on the territory you reside. Once you book your order, we will send you a confirmation email including all the details catering to the cost of items as well as the Shipping & Handling Fee. For any further assistance, we recommend you to get in touch with us and we will be assisting you with all your queries.

When will I receive my order?

At our end, all of our items are shipped within 8 to 10 working days. Delivery of any item ordered is normally based on to the area you reside. However considering the current transit routes on a territorial basis, if your items are not sent within the given time prescribed in your email confirmation you may always contact us to get in touch with our qualified team, to serve you with better assistance in tracking your order.

What if part of my order is backordered?

All the items are shipped as per the above-mentioned shipping instructions within the given time. In case of backordered items, we charge upon delivery. Hence we don't charge any additional fee for shipping any backordered items.


What is Apparelinclick’s return policy?

In case of any non- satisfying item, you may return the item with a grace period of 30 days. While processing your request of return, we will assess with the criteria set to accept your return. Meanwhile, you may deliver the item while using your own shipping to process your return. These shipping charges will be borne by us. It usually takes 7 working days in which the item undergoes a quality check. Once the quality check process is done, your full amount will be credited to the mode payment you used.

In case of any exchanges, you may order any other item right after receiving the acceptance confirmation via email against your request of return from our end.

Any items worn, used, dirty, washed or altered cannot be exchanged or returned. All items to be returned must be in the same state as received along with packaging.

What if my item is defective?

All our items are manufactured under the supervision of highly skilled people. However, consider the fact of Human Error Manufacturing rarely it happens that defected item can go undetected at an end. Identifying the manufacturing fault in any of the items you have purchased from our stock, kindly contact us at .csr@apparelinclick.com

How do I return an item?

Items that are being returned must be in the same state as received along with original packing. If you found any item defected, you may deliver the item while using your own shipping to process your return. However, these shipping charges incurred while processing your return will be borne by Apparelinclick.

How do I exchange an item?

To enjoy the ease of comfort to process your exchange, you may log on to our online return & exchange page to choose over what’s returned right after completing the return process.

Where can I get a Return/Exchange Form?

To process your returns, please visit this page.

Are there any items I cannot return or exchange?

Any items worn, used, dirty, washed or altered cannot be exchanged or returned.


How do I log in?

Just log on to Apparelinclick.com and log in with your registered email and password to access your account.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to Apparelinclick’s email list?

In case you have already purchased anything at Apparelinclick.com, you will automatically receive our promotional and other informative emails. However, if you don’t want to purchase anything but do want to receive our newsletters you can sign up at Apparelinclick.com and subscribe to our emails.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters, you can simply log on to "unsubscribe" link present at the bottom of our email you receive.